Saving a Hero's Place Documentary Challenge Coin


Saving a Hero's Place Documentary Challenge Coin

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100% of Proceeds will be used for the film.

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Saving a Hero's Place is a non-profit organization from the state of Texas whose mission it is to remember fallen American law enforcement officers with custom-built honor chairs meant to stand the test of time and forever hold the place of the fallen hero. 

In June of 2018, we will begin filming a documentary about Saving a Hero's Place and, with your purchase of a challenge coin, you can help us make the film. This is a unique partnership between SHP and Officer Involved Project and we've commemorated the effort with our first ever challenge coin. Everyone who purchases at the $50 option will not only gets a coin, but your name will be placed in the Special Thanks section in the credits of the film. This documentary is an independent effort and all funds raised through the sale of this coin and these options will be used to make the film. 

Coin Only = You get the Limited Edition Saving a Hero's Place/Officer Involved Project Coin
Coin and Officer Involved Documentary = You get a DVD copy of our first film with your coin (Save $5)
Coin, Officer Involved Documentary, Name in Credits= You'll get the above and be mentioned with a special thanks in the new doc. 

You can also make a tax-deductible contribution to the film one of two other ways:
Saving a Hero's Place  (be sure to mention SHP DOCUMENTARY)
Officer Involved Project  100% of funds raised at Fractured Atlas go toward production. 

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