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In our filming and then through presenting the film, we've been able to collect the narratives of hundreds of officers and discuss their own experiences of what it was like in the aftermath of a shooting. We now have the ability to bring a screening to your community and connect your citizens and officers while we discuss the topic in a community or private setting. We've tailored our presentations to include not only the main themes that we've heard throughout our work, but also to take on traditional narratives through verifiable examples. Reach out today about working together to set up a community event. 



Film Presentation

Officer Involved Presentation (3-Hrs) 

The presentation starts with an introduction by the filmmaker of documentary film 'Officer Involved'. You'll hear the story of how it began and came to be. This will be followed by a screening of the full documentary. The presentation will be followed by a discussion about challenges in making the movie and lessons learned. Also discussed are basic concepts in use of force and what we know about the state of knowledge of officer-involved shootings. 





After Force: Experiences Beyond The Incident (5-Hrs)

The combination of presentations given by Patrick across the country and at ILEETA 2016 and 2017, the goal of this course is to familiarize all levels from administrator to officer of the various experiences in the aftermath of an officer-involved shooting in an effort to prepare the department for addressing the very real experience of the officer in the aftermath.  This course begins with a full screening of the documentary 'Officer Involved,' follows with a comprehensive presentation on the state of knowledge on frequency of officer-involved shootings, and brings a realistic and understandable breakdown of the recommended post-shooting interventions. We use only original videos from production while we explore previously unheard voices of officers nationwide while giving the opportunity to experiences real-world perspectives in an academic environment. For the exposure portion of the class, attendees will be exposed to unreleased videos where officers describe specific parts of their own post-shooting experience. 

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