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Officer Involved is a thoughtful feature-length documentary that examines officers who have been involved in deadly force incidents during their tours of duty. Through first-person interviews and testimony, both police officers and leading experts share their experience and knowledge to show some of the factors that can go into how we view an officer-involved shooting and the dramatic impact that they can have on the men and women who serve in law enforcement.  Officer Involved is currently screening to private groups and working toward a larger release. 

Officer Involved began in mid-2013 as a culmination of multiple influences and events colliding in the life of the director.  While he had previously studied social systems and conflict resolution, his choice of a career in public service brought about a paradox in understanding human interaction with authority.  He began to observe how both internal and external perceptions change in the progression from an ordinary citizen to a police officer. While the idea for a film exploring the concept of humanity in policing had been a budding interest, it was a conversation over dinner one night with an acquaintance that helped set in motion the actual process of moving forward with Officer Involved....."Why can't you just shoot the tires off of the car instead of the driver..." asked a friend. The next 2 years would be spent combing through volumes of knowledge regarding officer-involved shootings, their impact, and general perceptions.    During this time, what began as a small project with a handful of officers and a move to sort through his own experiences, soon developed into a cross-country trek to gather and organize the stories of those men and women who are involved through their personal recollections of circumstance and change. 

The following is a collection of videos that were created in order to share our early vision and begin to explore the concepts of humanity, impact,  and change that will be presented in the final film.

Second Teaser Trailer for Officer Involved, a documentary about officers who have used lethal force in the line of duty. 

TV host Sheriff John Bunnell shared his thoughts on being an officer along with a small message for America's law enforcement officers. Just part of our interview with him this April for the Officer Involved Documentary. While filming we've travelled across the country and met with officers and experts from all walks of life.

First Teaser Trailer for Officer Involved. 


We put this small video together after a road trip that we took to the National Police Memorial in DC during Police Week 2014. 

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