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Officer Involved

Over the course of 2 years, a police officer turned first-time filmmaker and his wife traveled the United States and brought together experts and current/former law-enforcement officers in an effort to explore the highly secretive, often misunderstood, and socially taboo topic of what the officer experiences in the wake of an officer-involved shooting.

‘Official Selection’ 2016 Knoxville Film Festival


Twenty years ago, Georgia Deputy Kyle Dinkheller was brutally murdered along a cold stretch of highway in rural Georgia in what has become the most infamous police dash cam video ever captured. The footage itself has been seen around the world millions of times, often attached to false stories and rumors. In 2017, one police officer sought to understand who that deputy was outside of one bad day and, in doing so, found a seed of truth that turned a short film into a feature-length investigation.

‘Best South Carolina Film’ 2018 South Carolina Underground Film Festival
‘Best Documentary Directing’ 2018 Colorado International Film Festival’
‘Official Selection’ 2018 Macon Film Festival
‘Official Selection’ 2018 ME Film Fest
‘Official Selection’ 2018 Knoxville Film Festival
‘Official Selection’ 2018 Niagara Falls International Film Festival
‘Official Selection’ 2018 REEL East Texas Film Festival

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Honor Chair

A filmmaker sets out on the road trip with Texas non-profit Saving a Hero's Place as they honored fallen law enforcement officers in a unique way: delivering handmade chairs to forever hold their places. 'Honor Chair' is a travel documentary that give an honest look at what it means to not be forgotten.

‘Official Selection’ 2019 ME Film Fest
Awarded ‘Director’s Choice’ Documentary, 2019 Austin Revolution Film Festival
Nominated ‘Best Documentary Short’ 2019 Austin Revolution Film Festival
Nominated ‘Best Documentary Director’ 2019 Austin Revolution Film Festival
Nominated ‘Inspirational’ Award, 2019 Austin Revolution Film Festival


Their sketches have been seen around the world, but their story is all in the family. Composite explores the origins of the role of the first forensic artist at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. An all-female documentary, the film traces the unlikely beginnings of the original GBI sketch artist and follows it through to the legacy continued by her daughter, Kelly.

Awarded Audience Choice Documentary Short, 2019 Knoxville Film Festival
Awarded 3rd Place Documentary Short, 2019 Knoxville Film Festival
Nominated ‘Best Documentary Short’ 2019 Julian Dubuque International Film Festival
Nominated ‘Best Documentary Short’ 2019 ME Film Fest
' Official Selection’ 2019 Chagrin Documentary Film Festival
‘Official Selection’ 2019 Breckenridge Film Festival
‘Official Selection’ 2019 Burbank International Film Festival