Can I buy this film in bulk?
- Yes. For bulk orders of individual copies, please contact us here and we'll let you know how and give you a personal discount code.

What is an Individual Copy?
- An individual copy is that which is purchased by a single person for home use.

What is the difference between 'Police Academy' and 'Police Department.'
A police academy copy is one where the main function is to be used strictly within the police academy setting.

What is the reasoning behind the various prices?
-Fees associated with license options and exhibition of feature films is a standard and enables the hosting institution to fall in accordance with the the Federal Copyright Act (Title 17 of the U.S. Code) which states that the neither the rental nor purchase of a film carries with it the right to show the film publicly unless licensed. By offering various license options, organizations and institutions now have access to this important film. Proceeds from these fees go to support everything from administrative costs associated to future projects.

Can my group show 'Officer Involved' and charge for attendance?
-Any exhibition utilizing any part of 'Officer Involved' that involves a fee for attendance will require authorization from IndieClever Media, LLC. You can get that by reaching out here.

I'm an instructor and teach various classes and would like to add this film to my curriculum. What do I need to do that?
- If you are an instructor outside of an an assigned role within a police academy or academic institution (school/college) please contact us with details and we will help you to meet your needs. Any instruction utilizing any part of 'Officer Involved' that involves a fee for attendance will require authorization from IndieClever Media, LLC. prior to the instruction and will be handled on a case by case basis.

What happens when the license for my copy expires?
- The license, where applicable, for each purchase begins the day that you receive your physical copy of 'Officer Involved.' Your DVD will come with a link that allows you to renew your license. 

What happens if I lose my DVD?
- The license, where applicable, is good for the life of the DVD. In the event that your DVD is damaged or lost, you reach out and we'll be happy to provide a highly discounted copy as a replacement.

How do I get the filmmaker to attend my event?
- The filmmaker often attends events and conducts discussions around the film and can travel to most locations. Due to scheduling and other commitments, there is a separate fee associated with having the filmmaker in attendance.  Reach out here to find out how he can attend your event.

How do you choose the charities and organizations you donate proceeds to?
We have experience with various organizations across the country whose missions we have become familiar with over three years on this project. Just some of the groups we've helped raise funds for in the past are Hunting4Heroes and Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.). We support organizations that serve police, families, and bridge the gap.