What would you say...

Episode 3: What would you say?
It's been a long time since our last episode of the Officer Involved Podcast and we have three new episodes on their way.  While the last episodes were longer and had multiple characters, this next round focuses on individuals. 

Recently I received an email from a friend and retired police officer. It was unlike any letter I've ever read.  While I read it, it was almost as if he were in the room reading it in his own voice.  I immediately called and asked if he would be interested in adding his voice to our work. In this newest installment of the Officer Involved Podcast, we bring forward a letter written by a friend and retired officer. It begs the question, in no uncertain terms, what would you say...

Episode Length: 16 minutes

Featuring: Writer of  "A Letter to the Man I killed" and the song "Priscilla" by Ryan Touron.



Where do we go from here...

Episode 2: Where do we go from here...
The last few months have been challenging to both American law enforcement and the American people.  In this episode of the Officer Involved Podcast, we set out to explore the question "Where do we go from here?" In doing so, we met some people from our younger generation. High school students from a prestigious private school, they shared their their reality and how they see police officers.

We also interviewed a state police officer who said something that many of the officers we spoke with had said, but also offered advice for how we can "get there" and what we can do to improve.

The final two guests, a retired sergeant with 30-years experience and a professor versed in the study of worldview, have vastly different angles on the state of policing, but, when it comes down to where we go from here, they share more than you'd think.

Episode Length: 35 minutes.  

Featuring:  Zach Karsch, Officer Todd Israel, Sgt. Betsy Smith, and Professor Jayne Docherty.  Includes original music.  Featuring the song "Life Going By" performed by Brian Sharp.


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Who goes into policing, who stays...

Episode 1: Who goes into policing, who stays....
Considering some of the recent popular and social media coverage of police, we set out to ask real people what they think about police officers and then spoke with real police officers themselves, including a police chief, to understand why people go into the job and why they stay.  

Episode Length: 23 minutes.  

Featuring  Roy Wood, Leigh from Florida, Keith Garner, and Chief Don Johnson, and people & sounds from Little 5 Points in Atlanta.  All original music.

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