The Story of 'Officer Involved' is the story of a hundred lifetimes. Our work on the film can be broken down into two distinct parts. The first part was pre-production, filming, and post-production work. The second part was touring with the film. All work was completely independent with no sponsors or studio support. 


Pre-Production, Filming, & Post

Beginning with an idea in 2013, Officer Involved became a passion for the filmmakers. All told, Patrick traveled more than 24,000 miles in order to film for the documentary. Beyond road company, his wife and de-facto assistant director, Carla, was an invaluable part of the team.



In January of 2016, we released what we called our 'Screening Trailer.' With that, requests began to come in from around the world from departments, organizations, and colleges who were interested in showing the film to various audiences. In order to meet the demand, Patrick took an 11-month unpaid leave of absence from his job as a police officer, Carla left her job completely, and we moved into a trailer which we pulled across the country over 50,000 miles making a lifetime of memories.